this was so much more work than it looks like. but i really like how this turned out. 


"Dear Mom,

I think one of my villagers is flirting with me. Thing is, it might be working. I’m moving in with a rabbit next week, don’t try and stop me.

Yours truly,

Mayor Holly”


the fall sports fair is on september 23rd! join your villagers for aerobics (9am), foot races (11am), the ball toss (1pm), and a tug-o-war (3pm)!


to celebrate Halloween I made some terrifying spongebob inspired ghost qr codes for you guys, the ghost of soda drink hats and a floating shopping list. Slap this sucker on youre wall and watch all your friends run away in terror.


took a lazy visit to westeros which belongs to sprungit


Nintendo is insane and must be stopped urged to continue doing crossover after crossover because it is starting to get hilarious.



Dream Code:

This is one of the coolest dream towns ive stumbled upon. It looks like the moon and theres a space mystery of sorts (and shoutouts to 2001 Space Odyssey) and really cool layout. Just wow! 

Such effort! A+ for this town!

Blog: terraformacnl


So I thought that I would put my hair in pig-tails and keep my bangs braided but I didn’t know that the bangs would peek out at the rim of the cap. I look like I have a unibrow! O.o